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Kowa Air is an international organization which deeply believes the result of Quality Control and the benefit it could bring to us and our valuable customers. We continuously improve our quality not only in your design phase, but also in production, sale and after-sale phase. Our goal is to let our valuable customers count on us and be more than satisfied with our products and services. Our Vision is to become the leading brand in Air Filtration business white continue to provide this market with more advanced products.


KOWA Air Filter Industry Limited

Location: Taoyuan, Taiwan
Establish Date: December, 1986
Capital: NT$ 29.5 million (US$ 1 million)

Taoyuan Factory (Taiwan) - KOWA Air Filter Industry Limited

Establish Date: December, 1986
Employees: 42
Productivity / Month: Mini Pleat * 3,000 pcs
Separator * 2,000 pcs

Suzhou Factory (China) - New Air Purify Tech. (Shenzhen) Co., LTD.

Establish Date: October, 2007
Employees: 102
Productivity / Month: Mini Pleat * 3,000 pcs
Separator * 2,000 pcs


Dec, 1986 Taoyuan, Taiwan Kowa Air Filter Industry Ltd. was established in December of 1986 and originally located at Taoyuan City, Taiwan. Kowa Air acquired professional Clean Room technologies From Japan Partner and improved on it. Kowa Air is a manufacturer of High efficiency Air Filter and Filtration Systems for CleanRooms, HVAC System, Nuclear, Biological and indoor air quality .


Jun, 2002

Taoyuan, Taiwan

Plant was moved to Dayuan, Taoyuan.

Feb, 2003

Hong Kong

Hong Kong branch was established and responsible for South Asia business

May, 2003

ShenZhen, GuangDong,

New Air Purify Tech. Co.,Ltd. was established in 2003, it is an expansion of our manufacturing facility and sales department for Hepa Filter, UPLA Filter business.

Sep, 2003

Kunshan, Jiang Su,

Kushan Branch(China) was established and responsible for Central China business

Dec, 2005

Taoyuan, Taiwan

In order to keep our quality level, we introduced ISO 9001:2000 quality system,
Into our plants and has been approved and certificated.

Mar, 2006

Taoyuan, Taiwan

FM Global Approvals Class 4920 certified the following product of ours : Mini Pleat, Separator, Disposable Hepa Filter and Kowa Ceiling Systems

Quality Goal

We always put the “Quality Control” in our first priority. To achieve and preserve this belief, we introduced ISO 9001 into your system, and base on ISO 9001’s guidelines and spirit, we implement the ideas and attitude of Quality Control into every single department within our organization. They can be broken down into four main Driving Forces: ProfessionalQualityServiceResponsibility


Strive on providing customers with satisfaction on our products performance, quality and reliability. And improve our competitive ability by continuous professional improvements.


Strictly follow PDCA(Plan, Do, Check, Action) workflow to make our system flawless and smooth.


This is divide into 3 major parts: client services, product services and testing services. With well training and proper SOP methods, we strive to achieve the excellent outcome for your customers.


We care a lot about our employees, our customer, profitability, environmental issues, and we take those considerations like our responsibilities in general. We demand ourselves to carry this responsibility when dealing with all aspect of works and practice it every single day.

ISO 9001:2000

  • KOWA Air Filter Industry Limited
  • Certificate No: FM501742

FM Approvals Class 4920

  • Project ID: 3024342
  • Mini Pleat Air Filter Series
  • Disposable Air Filter Series
  • Separator Air Filter Series
  • KOWA Ceiling Systems



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